Our attorneys provide these family law services:

  •     Representation and consultation dissolution and legal separation actions
  •     Representation in appeals and writs
  •     Mediation
  •     Private Judging
  •     Drafting premarital and post-marital agreements
  •     Consultation in international cases
  •     Serving as Minor’s Counsel

Our attorneys have extensive experience in these substantive areas of family law:

  •     Spousal and child support
  •     Property characterization, valuation and division including business valuation
  •     Apportionment of property of a mixed character (Moore-Marsden, etc.)
  •     Tracing and commingling of income or property
  •     Child custody and visitation
  •     Domestic violence including seeking a restraining order, defending against false accusations of abuse, and resolving custody after a finding of abuse by a parent
  •     Grandparent and other non-parent visitation
  •     UCCJEA custody jurisdiction
  •     Hague Abduction Convention return proceedings
  •     Personal jurisdiction
  •     Breach of spousal fiduciary duty